Sneak peek - A fall wedding in Central Park

To say that I have been busy these past few months is an understatement. It's been almost 7 months since I attended Making Things Happen (blog post to come on what I've been up to...) and since then I've been working nonstop! Summer has come and gone with barely any tan lines to show for it, and I've spent more time listening to podcasts than talking to friends.

But its moments like this past weekend that make it all worth it. I had the honor of making decorations and creating all of the flower arrangements for my friends Beth and Blake - two great people who are perfect for each other, and had the perfect fall wedding on the roof of a building in Central Park. Their wedding would've been beautiful without my decorations - but I am so happy I had a chance to contribute to the day.

Here are some photos from the wedding that I took showing some of the details I made including the wax paper leaf garlands that hung inside the tent, hand painted bar menu, fringe tissue tassel drink stirrers, and some of the flower arrangements I put together using bottles I've collected over the past few years.

Once the professional photos are done I will be sure to share those!

wax paper leaf garlands by Sparkle Motion Decor; Central Park wedding

Hand painted bar menu and fringe drink stirrers by Sparkle Motion Decor

Flower arrangements and fringe drink stirrers by Sparkle Motion Decor

Flower arrangements and hand painted bowl by Sparkle Motion Decor

Fringe drink stirrer by Sparkle Motion DecorMarket lights with wax paper leaf garlands by Sparkle Motion Decor

Sparkly color palette #1: Every color under the sun

Every once in awhile I come across a wedding that has used a combination of colors that is completely unexpected and beautiful. Choosing what colors to feature in your wedding can actually be really tricky - especially if you want to try something new. To help folks currently planning their wedding, I will be sharing some of my favorite (and most unusual) wedding color palettes I have come across.

The first wedding color palette comes from Green Wedding Shoes and was photographed  by Natalie Shelton of NBarrett Photography. Oh, and it was featured in Martha Stewart Magazines.

colorpalette1 copy

This wedding just goes to show that sometimes more is more when it comes to color! The color palette includes shades of pink, lilac, coral, purple, peach, orange, magenta, celery, sky blue, turquoise, etc. and was inspired by the sunsets in the Texas town the couple was married in.

I would've never thought using so many different colors in a wedding could look so lovely but this is one of my favorite weddings from 2012!