Oh Christmas tree....

For the past 4 years, my husband and I have purchases a baby sized Christmas tree, which we would ceremoniously decorate together in our tiny 380 square foot apartment. But this year we live in a new apartment that is almost twice as big as our last one so we got a tree that was twice as big!

So without further adieu I present to you our average sized Christmas tree featuring our small but growing collection of ornaments and colorful lights. I also made a ribbon chain using gold, silver, cream and neon pink ribbon, and hung some of my tiny glass bottles and agates! Still trying to figure out what to put on top of it though!

Uncontrollable tears - the first of many (good) surprises from my 2 days at Making Things Happen


Never in a million years did I think I would start crying when I stood up to introduce myself to a room of 100+ ladies (and a few gentleman).

It was about 10AM on a Wednesday when it started. I was attending a 2-day workshop called Making Things Happen (or MTH for short) that focuses on helping participants accomplish what they want in their lives and their business.

Founded in 2009 by Lara Casey (who also happens to be the Editor-in-Chief, Publisher, and founder of Southern Weddings Magazine), the workshop attracts a lot of folks in the wedding industry, plus a mix of people who are looking to start a wedding-related business, and some people who just want to make a change in their lives that’s completely unrelated to weddings.

I first heard of MTH a few months ago when a MTH alum, Brooklyn-based wedding designer Michelle Edgemont, posted an Instagram photo announcing that she would be attending as a guest speaker. I reached out to Michelle to learn more about the workshop and everything she said resonated with me. She said it changed her life and YES I should definitely go. But aside from that, what struck me was what kinds of changes she made after MTH. Before she went she was running an Etsy shop, and after she left, she decided to dive into doing what she loved – designing weddings. And she didn’t leave MTH and quit her day job – something I have no plans of doing anytime soon unless I win the lottery – but left MTH with the motivation and direction to pursue her dreams.

Another thing Michelle told me is “You WILL cry” and that the floodgates open as early as the introductions. But I didn’t think I would succumb to tears. I had to FORCE myself to cry when I first saw Titanic at the tender age of 13, trying to think of sad thoughts so that I could be like my friends who were all bawling as Leo sank into the icy Atlantic.

And yet there I was, standing before a room of 100+ people – most of whom I had never met – tears streaming down my face, having tissues handed to me, my voice cracking as I tried to tackle a seemingly easy task of telling everyone my name and what I wanted to make happen in my life.

Crying was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to surprises at MTH. I thought I would leave knowing exactly what I need to do to get hired creating wedding decorations, what my 5-year plan would be. I even thought about how I should hold off on starting to make my business cards for Alt Summit because I might get advice on changing my business name.

I left on Friday without any of these questions answered - or really any questions answered. That's not what Making Things Happen is about. Instead I left with a renewed sense of what matters most in life and the motivation to go after it.

When I started my blog, writing about my feelings was never part of the plans. My plan was to keep it light, with lots of ideas and inspiration, DIY’s, and some advice for planning a DIY wedding or event on a budget.

But one thing I learned from MTH is that sometimes sharing what you’re struggling with, how you’ve overcome hurdles, and all that mushy stuff is helpful – not just for the person writing about their feelings but maybe for the person reading on the other end of a computer screen.

So in addition to sharing fun sparkly ideas for weddings and parties, I’m also going to share more about my experience at MTH, and my progress as I try to do more of what really matters every day. And if you are thinking about attending and have questions….please feel free to share in the comments section OR email me at sparklemotiondecor@gmail.com.