CONFETTISYSTEM at MoMA PS1 In New York City, there is an overwhelming amount of stuff happening at every single moment and you usually miss it. So imagine my surprise when I look up places to go to brunch on my day off (MLK day this past Monday) and magically stumble upon the news that the MoMA PS1 (which has a great restaurant inside) just launched a new CONFETTISYSTEM exhibit!!! Perfect!

For those who aren't familiar with CONFETTISYSTEM, they make these amazing installations and products out of tissue paper and mylar, and have created some of the most beautiful concert backdrops for bands like Atoms for Peace and Beach House. They've also made a bunch of in-store installations for shops like J.Crew, and their infamous tissue tassel garlands and pinatas that have transformed events, including many weddings.

The exhibit featured 100 arrangements by the duo behind CONFETTISYSTEM, Nicholas Andersen and Julie Ho, inside a two-story gallery space. It was a mix of silver and gold mylar backdrops, their star flowers and tassels on branches, giant fruit pinatas, and these cool silver bench structures.

Here are some of the photos from the exhibit....but they can only do it so much really have to see it for yourself!

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For those of you who are in NYC, I highly recommend checking out the exhibit...especially since there's lots of other great art at MoMA PS1 to see as well. It is on view until March 31, 2013. Also check out CONFETTISYSTEM's site where they sell their infamous pinatas and garlands.