Sparkly color palette #1: Every color under the sun

Every once in awhile I come across a wedding that has used a combination of colors that is completely unexpected and beautiful. Choosing what colors to feature in your wedding can actually be really tricky - especially if you want to try something new. To help folks currently planning their wedding, I will be sharing some of my favorite (and most unusual) wedding color palettes I have come across.

The first wedding color palette comes from Green Wedding Shoes and was photographed  by Natalie Shelton of NBarrett Photography. Oh, and it was featured in Martha Stewart Magazines.

colorpalette1 copy

This wedding just goes to show that sometimes more is more when it comes to color! The color palette includes shades of pink, lilac, coral, purple, peach, orange, magenta, celery, sky blue, turquoise, etc. and was inspired by the sunsets in the Texas town the couple was married in.

I would've never thought using so many different colors in a wedding could look so lovely but this is one of my favorite weddings from 2012!