This is the New Year

2012 may have been the best year yet. I got married to my best friend and had the most amazingly fun wedding, topped off by a perfect honeymoon in Sifnos, Greece. My sister got married, my best friend got engaged, and one of my oldest friends is having a baby. And aside from these monumental events there were lots of smaller moments that made this year great - spending a few days in Wildwood, NJ with Jeff's family and riding bikes and tram cars on the boardwalk, playing epic games of Parcheesi with Jeff's 13 year old sister and stepmom, spending quality time with Ozwald and my family, and finding new reasons post-wedding to keep our tiny apartment filled with tissue paper and garlands.

Looking towards the New Year I have two goals - to spend more time with my friends and strike a balance between pursuing my craft(s) - including keeping up with the blog, launching my Etsy store, finding time to work on some side projects with folks like my talented (and oldest) friend Amanda, and of course helping my best friend with her wedding! - and the rest of my life. Oh, and I want to cook more.

To anybody who reads this post, I wish you the very best in 2013!!!