A multi-tasking (and easy!) DIY - the pom pom ball

I had the urge to make our apartment a little more festive this weekend so I started making one of my go-to crafts - the pom pom ball. What's great about this DIY (aside from being easy) is that the pom pom balls is a true multi-tasker. The instructions in this post are for making a garland, but you can use these pom pom balls as bows for gift wrap, glue some on top of bamboo skewers and make drink stirrers, or leave some extra tulle on the ends and make some napkin rings.


Here are the supplies I used - 3" or 6" rolls of tulle in ivory from Paper Mart, 1/16" gold tinsel cord from Paper Mart (if you want to make garland), and metallic gold fringe from Oriental Trading Company. Not counting shipping, the total for these supplies are under $20.00.


To make the pom pom balls, I cut about 3 pieces of gold fringe (2-3 ft long) and wrap the gold fringe and tulle around my hand approximately 5 times.


I then pull it off my hand, making sure it doesn't unwrap, and I tie it tightly in the center with a small piece of tulle (tie it in a double knot). You then cut through each end (like in the photo below) and fluff the pom pom.


I then take the pom pom and trim it (like a bonsai tree) to make sure all of the ends are even(ish) and so it looks like a nice round ball. After its trimmed, I take the ends of the tulle I used to knot the middle and I tie that around the gold cord in a double knot.

If I am making it for a drink stirrer, I trim it even more so it's about 1.5 inches tall. I then stick it on top of a 6" skewer (pointy side up) and use a hot glue gun to glue it.


Here's a photo of the drink stirrers on our makeshift bar (our christmas tree is on our bar cart) posing with a leftover bottle we used for seating cards at our wedding, one of Jeff's notebooks, and a little bottle of glitter I got from The Cream Event this past year in NYC (I believe it came from Michelle Edgemont).

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